Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune



The painting was made in oil and acrylic on canvas, H 130 * W 150 cm

The painting was made in the abstract modernist style and belongs to the “Fire Series”. Paintings of this series are expressive and vivid. In this series, the artist plays with pure energy, trying to convey its movement. Each painting of the series has its own characteristics, acquiring symbolic forms or breaking up into a pure abstraction. These decisions are designed to convey the state of the Universe, where absolutely opposite events occur at the same time. Where the birth of one entity can lead to the disintegration of another and vice versa.

It is also worth noting the technique of painting. Here, fluorescent acrylic painting was partially used, thanks to it the painting emits a slight glow in the dark.

Additional information


Fire Series


abstraction, symbolism




acrylic, oil


130*150 cm

Year of creation