Summer Landscape

Summer Landscape



The painting was made in oil on canvas, H 100 * W 100 cm.

The painting was made in the impressionistic style and depicts a warm summer sunset. This is one of those works that deserve the title of experimental or innovative in the painter’s creative way.

The painting is on the verge of abstraction and modernity. Here the details are barely noticeable, that does not allow to accurately determine the river or the forest glade. But thanks to the composition and coloring of the painting is perceived holistically. It is accurately conveys the feeling of the passing day and the heat that lasted all the time after lunch. It is difficult to say anything about the figures in the left part of the work. It may be a mother with a child who is returning at home or a couple who are admiring the sunset on the river’s bank.

It is worth noting the features of the technique of painting. Special semicircular brushstrokes complement the same semicircular cracks of the canvas, which gives the picture a rhythm and makes not only pleasing the eye, but to hear music of painting. The glance glides over the painting in the rhythm of these semicircular brushstrokes and falls to the bottom not in a straight line, but moving from side to side like a leaf falling from a tree.

The painting will perfectly fit into any interior and fill the room with its mysticism and coloring. Contemplation of the painting distracts the mind from everyday worries, offers to relax and think about the value of the moment.

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100*100 cm

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