Night. Pharmacy

Night. Pharmacy



The painting was made in oil on canvas, H 150 * W 100 cm.

The painting was painted by Valerij Sosna in the impressionism style. It depicts a winter night on a street in the city. The inspiration was the lyric verse by Alexander Blok “Night, street, lantern, pharmacy …”. But if the poem causes for the most part a sense of longing, hopelessness and constant routine, the picture is the antithesis of the poem and causes completely different emotions. Despite the snow and winter, the painting evokes a pacifying feeling, here we feel the approach of the New Year holidays and new opportunities. It is impossible to find a hint of longing and routine.

It should be noted technique of paintings. Here, many bright, warm colors are used, which do not let you get bored and accurately convey the mood of a warm winter night. There are no traced realistic details that allows you to cover the work completely and feel its energy, without being distracted by the study of the details.

The painting will perfectly fit into any interior and fill the room with its mysticism and coloring. Contemplation of the painting distracts the mind from everyday worries, offers to relax and think about the value of the moment.

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city landscape






100*150 cm

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