Moulin Rouge. Paris

Moulin Rouge. Paris



The painting was made in oil on canvas, H 86 * W 92 cm.

The painting was depicted in the impressionistic style and depicts the Moulin Rouge cabaret in Paris, one of the most famous places in the city. As any entertainment establishment, it is rarely depressing here, it is filled with joy and fun usually.

However, it is difficult to say that the painting makes these feelings. Here you can feel not only the mood of the cabaret, but also the feelings of the painter himself, that is more characteristic for the post-impressionistic style.

Warm shades, light in the windows and gathering visitors say that the celebration will soon begin here. But a large number of dark, deep colors in the middle and the left part of the painting make a slight feeling of sadness, as if the viewer does not relate to this holiday, but just passes by. It would like to stay here, but having slightly looked at the cabaret in the distance, he will turn his head to the left and pass by, reflecting on his problems. It makes you think about the value of the current moment, momentary joys and once again give yourself the word, do not miss them in the future.

The painting will perfectly fit into any interior and fill the room with its mysticism and coloring. Contemplation of the painting distracts the mind from everyday worries, offers to relax and think about the value of the moment.

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86*92 cm

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