Memories of Crimea

Memories of Crimea


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The painting was made in oil on canvas, H 85 * W 184 cm.

The painting is a kind of memories of the sunny peninsula, which is extremely popular among the people of Ukraine. The painting is also a reaction to difficult relations between countries. However, this is evidenced only by its idea and name, in the plot of the painting there is no hint of politics.

The main goal of the painter is to convey a hot sunny afternoon on the shores of the Crimea. It seems that the whole nature of the peninsula is gathered on the canvas, here a hint of pine forest, and high cliffs, and the cleanest beach, and ancient architecture. The painting evokes positive emotions and the desire to certainly visit this place again.

It should be noted technique of painting. It is depicted in the impressionistic style. In order to convey the necessary sensations, the painter avoids the excessive realism in details and brings to the foreground the picturesque of nature.

The painting will perfectly fit into any interior and fill the room with its mysticism and coloring. Contemplation of the painting distracts the mind from everyday worries, offers to relax and think about the value of the moment.

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85*185 cm

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