A Keg Of Wine

A Keg Of Wine



The painting was made in oil on canvas, H 60 * W 80 cm.

The painting depicts a summer still life in the season of watermelons and young wine. Unlike southern latitudes, where watermelons and grapes can give birth several times a year, in most of the CIS countries and Ukraine, these fruits ripen closer to autumn. The main accent of the painting is making you feel the summer warm mood, and a slightly noticeable glass of wine, in turn, calls to stop, postpone plans and feel the movement of life, enjoying the still unripe wine Beaujolais.

The impressionistic style here does not distract with unnecessary realistic details, but allows you to experience the painting at a glance.

It is worth noting the technique of painting. Large brush strokes are used here that may seem the result of careless work. But, due to this, it is possible to achieve greater picturesqueness.

The painting will perfectly fit into any interior and fill the room with its mysticism and coloring. Contemplation of the painting distracts the mind from everyday worries, offers to relax and think about the value of the moment.

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still life






60*80 cm

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